G1 Soundtrack Season 4 Complete!

December 15th, 2017

In addition to the first three seasons of the G1 soundtrack remastered by Jimbo, we also now have season 4 available too! This collection also comes with a bonus track that was overlooked from season 1.

Download now! (212 MB)

Rumble-BlasterOur friend Jimbo has completed restoring both season 2 and 3 soundtracks from G1! We know we’ve had a lot of tracks up for years, but we’re confident that this is the best they’ve ever sounded!

Season 1 (662 MB)
Season 2 (368 MB)
Season 3 (207 MB) (UPDATED!)

Season 1 & 2 Album Cover
Season 3 Album Cover

The album covers were created by Lars Karlsen.

Update (12/05/17): “Cosmic Search I” has been updated to include a few more bass notes.

Beast Wars Neo is Back!

November 2nd, 2017

We are pleased to announce that TFCog is returning to fandubbing, in the form of Beast Wars Neo. For more information, here’s what we posted on our Facebook group:

Congratulations, everyone! You did it! It took a while, but this is a niche thing.

So, I’m pleased to announce that as of now, I am officially beginning work on Beast Wars Neo. Why Neo, and not Victory that only has 6 episodes left? Neo has got the smallest cast, and the least number of moving parts to deal with. Besides, I didn’t even consult with Peter, because quite honestly, I presumed he wouldn’t be interested.

But he is. So, consider this a trial run; a “getting our feet wet again” stage. Once we get back into the swing of things, we’ll look at relaunching Victory.

With all of that said, I hope most of you can look forward to new episodes of Beast Wars Neo in the immediate future, and hopefully new episodes of Victory a little later.

I have already contacted most of the voice actors, and each one I’ve talked to has agreed to return. In the event that one of the remaining ones declines (or I am unable to contact them), we will be holding a casting call for the vacated roles.

So what did it? You’ll have to find out, along with a caveat, after the jump… Read more »

End of Hiatus?

October 18th, 2017

It’s a simple question – would you like to see TFCog resume producing fandubs? If you’re on this site, we can more or less presume your answer.

However, we need you to do one small little thing – head over to Facebook, join our group (if you haven’t already), and like a post. It should be the top post. We set the bar low at 50 likes because we miss fandubbing, but want you to prove you want our projects to continue. That’s not too much to ask for.

All you have to do is visit the TFCog Facebook Group and show your support.

E-Mail Change

July 23rd, 2015

For those of you who regularly e-mail me (Brandon), you can now do so at brandon.williams1983 AT gmail (you should be able to figure the actual e-mail out).


Transformers Album Cover by Lars Karlsenseason3coverartThe G1 soundtrack restoration project (more details here) is constantly seeing progress. Thanks to Jimbo, his hard work and all of the donations made to this project, we’re proud to announce that the G1 tracks available this website have been remastered and released in MP3 format.

However, the project continues. The next batch will be Season 1 tracks fully restored and remastered. Enjoy!

Download now! (196 MB)

(Album cover created by Lars Karlsen; click to download)

RX3 DemoBefore we get to the Kickstarter, a simple plea to all our loyal TFCog fans…

As many of you are aware, a major aspect of this website is the work that some of us have done piecing together tracks from the original G1 series. The tracks are for the most part great, but here and there, there are a few sound effects left in due to the fact that it is the best clip of that particular track available.

Recently, I have been contacted by Jim, who is an audio engineer and an audiophile who wants to see the cleanest version of these tracks available. As time goes on, it becomes less and less likely that we’re going to see an official release of the original Transformers G1 soundtrack.

So Jim has a proposition – he wants to clean all of these tracks up. However, removing SFX from music is no easy task. To do this, he needs to purchase professional software. The software retails for $1,200 typically, but he’s been able to get a deal for it for $650 for two weeks only.

To reach the goal of $650, he’s going to need your help. The best part is he isn’t asking for you to give him $650… He’s not asking for $250, or $100 or $50 or even $20. All he asks from you is $1 via Kickstarter. Of course, if you have more to donate, then you can donate as much as you want. If you’ve never used Kickstarter before, all you need is a credit card and you won’t be billed for this unless the goal is met in 15 days.

So, since I know all of love the music provided on this website, there should be no reason why we can’t make this goal.

G1 music. SFX free. Just think about it.

Donate now!

Final Update: This Kickstarter was a rousing success. You can no no longer donate to the cause, but if you are looking for updates, please click on the donate link above. Jimbo makes regular updates on the project. When the finished project is ready, the files will be available on this website.

Trypticon-SCFVRThe folks at the Shut Up and Watch This! podcast have kindly reviewed our Scramble City FV: Reloaded episode. This is a commentary track, much like an old-fashioned Rifftrax where you have to sync up the commentary while you have the video playing in the background (which doesn’t take much effort).

A big thank you from all of us goes out to the whole crew at Shut up and Watch This! as well as The Nerdsphere Network.

You can check the podcast at The Nerdshere Network. Of course, you’ll need to have Scramble City FV: Reloaded handy as well, which if you don’t have already (what?!), please download that here.

Status Update

April 11th, 2014

Sometimes we get people asking us if we’re still active, so I just wanted to post an update to re-assure all of our fans and voice actors that we’re still very much alive and kicking.

If you want to get updates for our projects (as well as other people’s) on a more frequent basis, we suggest joining our Facebook group.

Transformers InfiltrationOur moderator/friend/all around good guy Time Lord is putting together a radioplay based on the IDW Comics Transformers: Infiltration series. So, obviously, he’s holding auditions! You can try out for all sorts of characters, including Ratchet, Prowl, Ironhide, Sunstreaker, Bumblebee, Jazz, Wheeljack, Runabout, Runamok, Starscream, Thundercracker, Blitzwing, Skywarp, Astrotrain and of course, Megatron.

Auditions have ended. To see the complete cast list, please see his post on the TFCog Forums!

Disclaimer: This website is not created or run by either Hasbro, Takara, or any other company whose characters or products are mentioned on the website. It is in no way intended to infringe on the copyrights and trademarks of these creators; it has been created for informational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intention of making profit.

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