We take great pride in producing the animated version of the comic book The War Within. This project is a co-op between Black Bumblebee Productions and, where we supported with mainly the audio. This is the first of its kind when it comes to fans dubbing a comic book, and it feels very good to be part of this. Thanks goes to everyone involved, you got your names in the credit roll.

Episode Downloads

Episode 1
Download in High Quality (300 MB)
Download in Medium Quality (83 MB)
Download in Low Quality (50 MB)

Episode 2
Download in High Quality (300 MB)
Download in Medium Quality (120 MB)
Download in Low Quality (60 MB)

Download War Within Episode 2: The Score by Alexander “Sky Lynx” Kurilov (66 MB)

War Within Optimus Prime

Project Status: Active
Years of Production: 2007-
Total Episodes: 6
Released Episodes: 2


Nigel Bradley – Narrator & Brawn
Matthew Clarke – Shockwave
Zach Dyer – Optimus Prime, Ironhide & Bluestreak
Andrew Francis – Long Haul
Steve Henel – Outback
“Creature” S. H. Hueske – Skywarp
Derek James – Jazz
Gabriel Jean – Soundwave & Ratchet
Chris Jones – Kickback, Skids, Kup & Gravitas
Nick Langer – Shrapnel
James Owings – Prowl & Umbra
Chris Petree – Grimlock, Hound, Red Alert & Powerglide
Aaron Robertson – Bumblebee
War Within GrimlockFrank Todaro – Starscream & Tracks
Joseph Velazquez – Megatron & Scrapper
William Bates – Thundercracker
Brandon Williams – Emirate Xeon

Former Cast

Robert Erickson – Narrator
Peter Tagtstrom – Grimlock & Hound
Brad Venable – Megatron, Jazz & Bumblebee

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