Beast Wars Second
Lio ConvoyAs most people know, the newest (well, as of this writing) of our projects is Beast Wars Second, which was created as a filler series between the first two seasons of Beast Wars, especially because the second season of Beast Wars was a mere thirteen episodes, and the Japanese like to run series continuously. They’re not so big on re-runs. We’re all a little jealous (but I digress). The reaction to this series in Japan was mixed due to the fact that it was so goofy and light-hearted, so the kids liked it and the older fans, not so much. The plots are a far cry from Beast Wars and the animation often looks like it was done by somebody in their sleep, but I think Beast Wars Second overall has a lovable quality to it, and is just brainless fun. If you want something which takes itself seriously, go watch Beast Machines, because this isn’t it. Still, as anything more than a secondary series (no pun intended), one might think it comes up a little short.

Starscream & BBThe journey and decision to do this series has been a very long one. I think it pre-dates the fan dub of the Movie by Rory Hoy and Mike Hudson. We’ve wanted to do this project for years in the back of our minds, so we decided to finally start it up so we could work on it during the downtime which Victory would give us. The idea is to take it easy for the mean time and once we finish Victory, go into full blast mode with the focus on this series. One of the exciting factors involved with this project is the 48 minute “movie” (or more properly, special) which Takara released at the end of the series, along with an episode of their Beast Wars Metals dub. The special was done very well, and is considered the peak of the cartoon.

BWII MaximalsWe hope to not only recapture the feel of the original series with the project, but even add our own touches here and there. And if we’re looking to make this project something special, it will be in no small part because of our cast, which we are very proud of. We are looking forward to a very successful series; something we can look back on from the very start and say “we like this from the beginning,” which is something we’ve yet to be able to say with our series.

Project Status: Active
Years of Production: 2006-
Total Episodes: 43 & 1 Movie
Released Episodes: 5

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