We are pleased to announce that we have added several new tracks to our Transformers G1 music library! We are regularly updating these tracks – completing some, adding others (such as the GI Joe ones that were often used in G1 episodes) and other tweaks.

You can find the tracks in our Transformers music section or download the file (226 MB) now!

First (well, after you’ve scrolled down and look at the names because we all know that’s the first thing you did), we’d like to thank all 33 of you who auditioned for this project. Not all of you can get parts and some of you are getting multiple parts. It’s just the way it works, whether your sound quality wasn’t up to our standards, your acting ability wasn’t up to our standards, there was just somebody we thought was better or maybe the right role wasn’t there. We hope you’ll audition next time and we’ll add you to our audition mailing list (unless you request otherwise) for our next casting call (which won’t be in a week this time!).

Without further ado, here’s the Energon FV cast list! Read more »

Energon FV Casting Call

February 10th, 2012

UPDATE: This casting call is CLOSED! A big thank you to all 30+ of you who auditioned. Unfortunately, since we are in two completely different timezones, the cast list will be up when can sync our schedules up and figure each role out.
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TFCog Casting Call Closed

February 10th, 2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve done this, but we at TFCog are running auditions for five different major roles over two series – Beast Wars II & Beast Wars Neo! None of these are new roles; they are all replacements. We were happy with all of our original actors, but unfortunately things happen in fandubbing – people get busy, people lose interest and people disappear. We seldom re-cast because we are unhappy with a voice actor’s performance.

Incase you’ve never participated with a TFCog casting call, it’s simple. Anyone can audition for any character – if you have a part on the series already or if you’ve never even auditioned before. We often like casting people we have established a rapport with, but we also enjoy giving someone new a chance to live the same dream of voicing a Transformers character, even if it is in a fan production. Read more »

We have decided on several new VAs for Beast Wars Neo and Beast Wars II. Before we announce anyone, we’d like to thank everybody for auditioning. If you didn’t get a part, don’t get discouraged – there will be several opportunities to audition for more parts for both of these series in the future. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the right character popping up to suit your voice. We were impressed with most of the auditions we received and hope you all try out next time around.

We have also cast a couple of other parts – Longrack wasn’t put up for auditions because Scott Williams (my brother) will be taking him on in addition to performing Countdown and Sling in Beast Wars Neo. Bigmos was a matter of our original choice’s e-mail no longer working, so we went with our runner-up from when we originally held auditions.

They are as follows: Read more »

It’s been just over a month and TFCog is proud to release yet another episode! This time it’s the first Beast Wars Neo episode in five years. We’re planning on releasing a lot more in 2012 (minimum four episodes over the course of the year, not including Victory 26), so keep checking the site for more!

This is a… wacky episode to say the least – something we’ve definitely missed during Neo’s hiatus. Longrack and Break go to pick up a capsule, but one wrong step turns Longrack into a little kid! Now, the Maximals must go back to the planet in order to turn Longrack back, but the capsule isn’t done yet…

Download Beast Wars Neo 11 – “Planet of Time”

Discuss the episode on the TFCog Forums or if you prefer, post your comments below.

Beast Wars Neo Ep 11 Preview

January 25th, 2012

Beast Wars Neo episode 11 is closer and closer to being finished and to give you a little sneak peak of the episode, we have put up a quick preview of the episode exclusively on our Facebook group.

We encourage you to join the group and discuss all things TFCog along with other projects some of our friends are working on. We of course suggest that you turn off e-mail notifications so your inbox doesn’t get crowded!

Join the TFCog Facebook Group!

The part has now been filled. More auditions are coming soon. Thanks! Read more »

Please check out the music section to download some new Transformers-related tracks, including intros and outros to popular Transformers shows and some fan-made music.

Welcome to the New!

January 12th, 2012

It’s been a long time coming… We’ve been working on this site literally for years, but now it’s finally here.

Please let us know by comment, tweet, Facebook message or whatever method you please how you like the new site and if you find any problems with it anywhere. The idea behind the site is not to change the site completely (we realized our visitors prefer familiarity), but to make a more modern website that retains the old site’s feel.

Some of the new aspects of the website include: individual pages for each one of our episodes, the remainder of the Transformers episode transcripts added to the site and easier navigation. Look for more great things to be added to the site in the coming weeks, months and beyond.

Thanks to Steven C. Phillips (aka Megatron) of The Predacon Empire for the logo!
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