Scramble City FV: Reloaded

Scramble City FV: Reloaded is co-production with Adaptations GJ (who produced a French dub of our original project) and includes over five minutes of additional new scenes, as well as a new cast, voicetrack, music, sound effects and a revamped script. We recommend that you download this version of Scramble City, or watch both and see how far we’ve come in four years.

Download Scramble City FV: Reloaded (High Quality; 175 MB)
Download Scramble City FV: Reloaded (Low Quality; 59 MB)


David Dixon – Narrator, Scrapper & Vortex
Kenny McCoy – Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Ramhorn, Metroplex & Trypticon
Brad Venable – Bumblebee & Jazz
Frank Todaro – Megatron
Zach Dyer – Steeljaw, Ironhide & Motormaster
Chris Jones – Ratbat, Long Haul, Bruticus, Hot Spot & Defensor
Brandon Williams – Hook, Slingshot & Dead End
Daniel Ross – Starscream
Gabriel Jean – Optimus Prime
Curt Page – Devastator, Blast-Off & Quintesson
Scott Williams – Silverbolt
Eric Williams – Fireflight
Jon Bales – Skydive & Warpath
James Owings – Breakdown & Cliffjumper
Steven Phillips – Superion & Blades
Brenton Eschman – Onslaught
Nigel Bradley – Groove
Matthew Clarke – Shockwave
Benedikt Thor – Soundwave & Skywarp
Sami Sadek – Menasor

Produced by Brandon Williams & Gabriel Jean
Original Project by Peter Tagtstrom
Vocal Effects by Gabriel Jean, Dusan M. & Benedikt Thor
Footage Spotting by Marco Talbot & Gabriel Jean

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