The one-episode series of Zone was dubbed into English and finished in March of 2004. It was produced by Peter Tagtstrom, written by Brandon Williams and was kind of the start of the Victory FDP, since a few major characters (Victory Saber, Stakeout etc.) did their first “voice appearances” in it. For the main part, Matt Nelson was selected as Dai Atlas, the last G1 Transformer Autobot leader cartoon-wise. To accompany him, he had Sonic Bomber, played by Daniel Ross, ready to stop whatever threat would come to Zone Base, the Autobot stronghold. The original release encode of Zone FV consisted of more than 600 files, 17 voice actors and tons of love. As much original music as possible was used for the dub, with a few BWII tracks to fill in some holes. The classic intro and outro is included.

Download Zone FV (WMV; 80 MB)

Project Status: Completed
Year of Production:
Total Episodes: 1
Released Episodes: 1


Trey Tackett – Kain
Christer Nyberg – Violenjiger
Chris Ho – Countdown, Fixit
Eric Jones – Rabbicrater
Daniel Ross – Overlord, Sonic Bomber
Frank Todaro – Akira, Black Zarak, Storm Cloud
Matt Nelson – Dai Atlas
Tom Baril-Bissett – Piranacon
Scott M. – Devastator, Sunrunner, Gingham
Peter Tagtstrom – Menasor, Emusa, Narrator
Rob Michel – Abominus
John Patrick – Predaking
Aaron Baldwin – Victory Saber
Lawrence Brenner – Trypticon
Tomas Guinan – Stakeout
Rory Hoy – Whisper
Brandon Williams – Additional Voices

Produced by Peter Tagtstrom
Written by Brandon Williams

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