Transformers Victory is a series with the classic “Autobot versus Decepticon” conflict, but this time, there’s no Megatron or Optimus Prime leading the fractions. This series takes place in the future, 20 years after the events of Transformers: The Movie.

The Autobots, led by Star Saber, are allied with the humans forming the Space Defense Force, to protect the galaxy from the Decepticons. Their evil leader, Deathsaurus, plots to conquer earth, something the leaders before him never managed to do. But his opponent Star Saber won’t make that easy for him. Can Deathsaurus and the Decepticons defeat the Autobots? Perhaps Star Saber is too powerful for them? Or could Deathsaurus have a trick in his sleeve?

The Transformers Victory FDP is a project that was officially started January 1st in 2004 as a collaboration between Peter Tagtstrom (who had just finished Scramble City FV) and Brandon Williams, the producer behind the Beast Wars Neo FDP. Now, the Victory FDP is the most downloaded Transformers fan dub of all, having 13 episodes out which has been shared via the Iaconhub and’s online services. From Spring 2005, the Victory FDP is hosted by the producers themselves, for easier download and to reach a larger audience. Thanks to Rory Hoy, the dub could start with video encodes. Later, Peter himself got access to the video needed, and quality increased.

Victory Icepick GoryuFor the Victory FDP, we have gathered some of the finest voice actors from the fandom. Among them are Daniel Ross, administrator at the Allspark and one heck of a guy on doing voices. Like most of us, he started out his Transformers character career in Beast Wars Neo FDP, as the well received narrator, moved on to do a wicked Starscream as well as Jazz in Scramble City FV. In Victory, Daniel does awesome work as voices for multiple characters; Icepick, Jaruga, Wildfly, Dinoking and Dashtacker. One other amazing talent, Frank Todaro, came in kind of late in the FDP, but did so well he has the most characters of all now. Frank carries the roles of Jan, Drillhorn, Victory Leo, Seawatch, the girl(!) Joanne and loads of additional parts.

Victory LeozakScott M, one of the veterans in the fandub business, does lots of additional voices, and the regular characters Gripper and Tackle. Scott made his first appearance in Scramble City FV as the giant Devastator, Aerialbot Fireflight and Combaticon leader Onslaught. There’s been a lot of spin on the role of Star Saber. The dub first started out using Aaron Baldwin, who did the superb Optimus Prime in Scramble City FV and a brief act as Lio Convoy in Beast Wars Neo FDP, but he had to leave the project due to family issues. Chris Boothroy covered up for him and performed well as Star Saber in episode 3 & 4, but he had to leave the project as well because of everything else he had to do. Now, Brad Venable delivers the strong vocals needed for a bot like the Autobot chief commander Star Saber. Brad’s voice gives Star Saber leadership and determination like never heard before.

Victory Stakeout JanThere’s plenty more talented voice actors in the dub, Bjorn Rudolfsson as Killbison, Brian Bedard as the narrator, Eric Jones as Flame, Karen Castello as Meela, Mike Estipona as Machtackle and Landcross, Rob Michel and later Ben Rossiter as the evil Decepticon general Leozak, Eric Williams as Scowl, Floyd Perkins as Galaxy Shuttle and Scott Williams as Birdbrain. Now, having 24 episodes produced, Transformers Victory FDP is by far the largest Transformers fandub project in the world. Thanks goes to our wonderful actors, this project would never be here without you. Keep it going strong!

Project Status: Active
Years of Production: 2004-
Total Episodes: 32
Released Episodes: 26

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