Transformers Album Cover by Lars Karlsenseason3coverartThe G1 soundtrack restoration project (more details here) is constantly seeing progress. Thanks to Jimbo, his hard work and all of the donations made to this project, we’re proud to announce that the G1 tracks available this website have been remastered and released in MP3 format.

However, the project continues. The next batch will be Season 1 tracks fully restored and remastered. Enjoy!

Download now! (196 MB)

(Album cover created by Lars Karlsen; click to download)

13 Responses to “G1 Soundtrack Restoration Project Initial Release”

  1. Rodimus

    I’m excited for this! Though I downloaded it and checked out a couple quickly and noticed some of the old problem tracks still have their sound effects faintly in them. That said, I have noticed an improvement and can’t wait for the final versions of each season! They will be a huge asset to the Headmasters fan dub!

  2. Rodimus

    For clarification I was referring to season 3 tracks. The season 1 tracks I quickly checked sound like a world class improvement and SFX gone.

  3. JB

    Thanks so much Jim, keep up the great work!

  4. Gatchaponkei

    I hope generic rock sound as good as it did in the show, that’s my jam!

  5. Robert

    and Could he possibly do some G.I Joe ones (3 separate cover for Mass Device, The Revenge of Cobra (Douglas) and A Real American Hero (Walsh)

  6. supermann

    The initial release is good enough! Fans from East Asia would like to thank you! We are grateful.

  7. Fennella

    Very nicely done, however at least one track is still missing. The slow version of Track 47 “Secret Weapon” as can be heard at the start of the S4 finale “The Return Of Optimus Prime Pt 1.”

    For many years Secret Weapon and the slow totally different version were two tunes I always wanted to get in some capacity. If this were achieved then I can die happy! (Slight exaggeration but yeah!)

  8. Robert

    @ fannella, is this the track you mean? (this version is shorter but is higher quality) (this version has a longer beginning as heard in “Money Is Everything”, but does suffer from background noises and volume changes)

    There are some other themes i found they vary in quality but some are clear (from Ghost in The Machine, different ending to “Inner Workings” Track (from Grimlock’s New Brain and Secret Files of Teletraan II: Ultra Magnus) (this website does contain season 2/GI Joe music but has lots of sound effects in them, suggested tracks – “B.E.T. Taken”,”Jail Break” and “Stealing The B.E.T”, but check out the other tracks too!

  9. Cannon Fodder

    Nice work on these. There are still some missing cues like “Espionage” (which was included in the previous release), the slow version of “Secret Weapon” and the theme at the beginning of Grimlock’s New Brain.

    Also, two themes are incomplete: “Trypticon” (the entire track can be heard in The Rebirth, during the final battle between Fort Max and Scorponok) and “Chase” (which can be heard in it’s entirety on the Citybots Secret File).

    Other than that, excellent work all around. 😉

  10. bill barclay

    will you ever be doing the BGM’s to the Transformers PSA’s(Public Service Announcement) as well as the G1 Toy adverts(yes i know….there’s already the Anne Bryant one available)

  11. Matt

    Wow! What an astounding project. I just discovered it today; had I known about it when it was announced (how on Earth did it not get front page blurbs on Seibertron, etc.?), I would’ve gladly donated!

    I’ve dreamed about this for decades and I’m excited for the season 1 release.

    Not to sound ungrateful, because I appreciate more than you can imagine the time and effort all concerned are putting into this, but out of curiosity, has any consideration been given to performing the same treatment on G.I. JOE? Johnny Douglas’s music there (the first two miniseries) has been my number 1 holy grail soundtrack want for years.

  12. bill barclay

    now it’s been established that Robert J Walsh will be releasing G1 TF music later on in the year, will this project still continue?

  13. Double M


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