At its heart, TFCog is a fan dub group that dubs Japanese episodes of various Transformers series into English. In total, TFCog’s resume includes over 40 completed fan dub episodes. However, TFCog truly does go beyond fan dubbing…

TFCog – The Fan Dub Group

TFCog’s roots can be traced back to early 2003 when Brandon Williams began a fan dub project of Transformers: Beast Wars Neo. Neo was chosen because of the small cast of characters, which appealed to Brandon because he originally planned to have an all in-house cast. Brandon dove into this project headfirst without testing the waters first and essentially did on-the-job training. In retrospect, everything was done the wrong way. However, the best way to learn is trial and error. Since 2003, Brandon has put out 10 Beast Wars Neo episodes.

After Brandon realized that despite the small cast, there were too many parts for him to do all of the voices with family members, he sent out a casting call for the remaining parts in Beast Wars Neo. One of the respondents was Peter Tägtström, who was especially interested in the project.

After performing the voices Ramhorn and Stampy in early episodes of Beast Wars Neo, Peter decided he wanted to give fan dubbing a try himself. He decided to give Scramble City a go, which is the Japanese original animation video that bridges the gap between Season 2 of G1 and Transformers: The Movie. Peter mixed the voicetrack, sound effects and background music, while Brandon wrote the script. Both performed voices as well (TFCog fan dub episodes where neither Brandon nor Peter perform voices are rare). Peter then set his sights on Transformers: Zone, which for its time was some of the best work either Peter or Brandon had done.

Peter enjoyed these experiences so much that he proposed a true collaboration project – Transformers: Victory. The rest is history. As of this writing, Transformers: Victory Fan Dub Project has 26 released episodes with more on the way.

TFCog (as they were eventually named; more on that later) would then go on to work on the Beast Wars II series (currently at 5 completed episodes) as a side project. Other projects TFCog has put out include Scramble City 2 (in collaboration with Denis Pier), both episodes of Robotmasters and even two Swedish fan dubs of Transformers: Robots in Disguise by Peter. – The Website

Peter and Brandon dubbed themselves “TFCog” upon Peter’s purchase of the (and later domain. The “TF” in the name stands for Transformers (if you haven’t picked up on that yet), while the “Cog” is the part that gives the Transformers the ability to transform. The Cog is featured in such episodes of The Transformers as Five Faces of Darkness, The Ultimate Weapon and more. not only features Peter and Brandon’s fan dubs, but also hosts affiliate projects such as three separate Headmasters fan dubs, a Masterforce fan dub, a Beast Wars II: The Movie project that predates TFCog’s dub of the series, the fan-animated Redemption and War Within Animated – Black Bumblebee’s animated version of the popular Dreamwave War Within comics. TFCog’s website also hosts tons of music, sound effects (as used in TFCog and other projects), image galleries and includes Transformers live action movie and War For Cybertron mini-sites.

TFCog – The Community

TFCog also considers itself to be a tight-knit community. In hosting affiliate projects, TFCog offers each one of these projects a place on their website and TFCog Forums. TFCog is proud to provide a home for other fan dub groups such as Fyerspawn Productions, Dark Heroes Entertainment and Mega Dub Productions. Also, TFCog provides a home for the Virtual Transformers fanfiction projects and a place on its forums for

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