We are pleased to announce that we have added several new tracks to our Transformers G1 music library! We are regularly updating these tracks – completing some, adding others (such as the GI Joe ones that were often used in G1 episodes) and other tweaks.

You can find the tracks in our Transformers music section or download the file (226 MB) now!

9 Responses to “New Transformers G1 & G.I. Joe Music Added”

  1. Brandon

    Finally some good news for G.I. Joe fans, am I right?

  2. JP


    I would like to say thank you so much for the new and previous tracks. I have been waiting for most of the tracks as they weren’t in the previous releases. I really appreciate what you people do to make these possible to listen to us G1/GI Joe fans!
    I wish your website and all the best with making more complete tracks!
    God bless!

  3. benja

    Excellent work you guys!!! totally agree with JP! is there’s a possibility to hear the transformer’s theme version that plays at the beginning in this episode?

    (Also that music sounds at min 5:08 from the same video)

  4. JM

    I’d like to also say that I appreciate what you guys do. Just downloaded these songs myself, and I have waited years for these particular tracks. Thank You!

  5. DJSpacegr

    Great work and great quality too! I am also searching for this music played in 3:25. Its very classic! :)

  6. Fingy

    So do you have the dancetron/cold slither instrumental, or am i looking in the wrong place?

  7. Brandon

    Yeah, I believe that’s in there.

  8. Pat

    Just wanted to say how awesome it is to have this stuff available. It had to have been a labor of love. You guys are awesome!

  9. Jamarmiller

    How about the music when the reporter Hector Ramirez is talking ? any show would be good, GI JOE , TRANSFORMERS , INhumanoids!

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