Energon FV Casting Call

February 10th, 2012

UPDATE: This casting call is CLOSED! A big thank you to all 30+ of you who auditioned. Unfortunately, since we are in two completely different timezones, the cast list will be up when can sync our schedules up and figure each role out.

TFCog is pleased to announce our next fan dub project – Energon FV: The Lost Episode. For those who don’t remember, there was one episode of Super Link that did not get dubbed into the Energon series. Even 7 or 8 years later, the episode has not been seen by the majority of the non-Japanese speaking public. So what we’ve decided to do is finally give this episode proper English language treatment!

The episode itself was episode 33 of Superlink, entitled “Return! Our Megazarak” in Japanese. The presumed title of the Energon version was “Scorponok’s Scars.” We are looking to adapt the episode as if it were a regular episode of Energon, so for the most part we are following Energon’s lead on the names, voices and presentation (although we won’t be doing any name errors).

Here’s what you do. Have a look at the character’s image, have a listen to the original Energon VA’s rendition and even read up on the character on the extremely helpful Transformers Wiki. Next, fire up your favourite sound recording program and give the lines we’ve included a read. You have to read all of the lines we’ve listed. You may also repeat the line the original actor read. Please name the files charactername_yourname_Line#.mp3 (we prefer MP3, but other formats are fine) and e-mail it to us at The deadline is Sunday, February 26th.

The criteria is simple – we judge how well you can read the line, how good your voice is for the character and the quality of your recordings (mic quality). Please note that out of fairness, we cannot give detailed critiques of your auditions.


Optimus Prime
Original Voice (as portrayed by Gary Chalk)

Line 1: “We cannot rely on the Energon Grid, but we can defend the planet ourselves. Megatron must not get any more Energon.”
Line 2: “Until the Energon Grid is up and running again, we must take shifts guarding this planet.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Matt Hill)

Line 1: “You’re weak, Scorponok. Inferno was able to use his will to suppress it, but you have become Decepticon in body and mind both.”
Line 2: “Don’t forget, Scorponok! Alpha Q believes in you!”

Hot Shot
Original Voice (as portrayed by Brent Miller)

Line 1: “No can do. There are no cities left to transport on Cybertron.”
Line 2: “The Decepticons are here. Stay alert.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Scott McNeil)

Line 1: “I’ll make sure Inferno’s spark gets to Primus – no matter what.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Ty Olsson)

Line 1: “We might as well clean up this mess.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Doron Bell Jr.)

Line 1: “I’ll make sure he gets there. Transform!”

Original Voice (as portrayed by French Tickner)

Line 1: “Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Cliffjumper, back Kicker up!”
Line 2: “Everything’s well in hand here!”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Sharon Alexander)

Line 1: “They didn’t waste any time. Hurry up and get that space bridge ready, girl!”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Paul Dobson)

Line 1: “Understood.”

Wing Saber
Original Voice (as portrayed by Colin Murdock)

Line 1: “Wing Saber!”


Original Voice (as portrayed by David Kaye)

Line 1: “I’ve been looking forward to this, Autobots! Raaah!”
Line 2: “Ignore them! We need to focus on Optimus Prime.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Colin Murdock)

Line 1: “I have no doubt, Megatron… The voice I heard was definitely that of Alpha-Q.”
Line 2: “This universe will belong to Megatron and there’s nothing you can do to stop him!”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Michael Dobson)

Line 1: “When one becomes a Decepticon, there is no turning back.”
Line 2: “Megatron has ordered that we harvest its Energon. Follow me!”

Snow Cat
Original Voice (as portrayed by Don Brown)

Line 1: “H-h-h-h-hold on a klik! If we get too close, we’ll meet the same fate as Inferno!”
Line 2: (Yodeling)

Original Voice (as portrayed by Alvin Sanders)

Line 1: “Huh-huh, y-yeah! The Energon Grid is up!”
Line 2: “Scorponok’s a Terrorcon, remember? He can detect Energon much easier than we can.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Doug Parker)

Line 1: “Shut up and do as you’re told!”
Line 2: “You must do as Megatron commands.”

Original Voice (as portrayed by Brian Drummond)

Line 1: “Like I’m doing that.”
Line 2: “None shall pass!”

Humans / Aliens

Original Voice (as portrayed by Brad Swaile)

Line 1: “That makes no sense. What makes you think Scorponok is coming back?!”
Line 2: “He’s a Decepticon now, haven’t you heard?”

Alpha Q
Angry Voice | Eccentric Voice | Deep Voice | Intelligent Voice (as portrayed by Trevor Devall)

Line 1: “But what about our Scorponok?” (Angry voice)
Line 2: “Our dreams have come true! Our planet is restored!” (Eccentric voice)
Line 3: “Megatron and the Decepticons can’t pass through.” (Deep voice)
Line 4: “In our resistance against Unicron, Scorponok’s spark was destroyed along with our planet.” (Intelligent voice)
Line 5: “Scorponok! What are you doing?!” (Child voice)

Note: We are likely going to cast one person as voices 1-4 and a separate person as the child voice, but we are open to simply casting one person. We may also cast five separate VAs if need be (albeit unlikely).

Original Voice (as portrayed by Ellen Kennedy)

Line 1: “Decepticon signal detected!”

23 Responses to “Energon FV Casting Call”

  1. Daniel Hodge

    I would like to audition for the role of Starscream. I am basing it off the michael dobson voice, and am sending it as I type. Please inform me whenever possible of your descision! I’d Like to help make this a good show!

  2. Stephen Davidchik

    I’d like to audition for Hot Shot. I can do a fairly accurate representation of Brent Miller’s character.

  3. Brandon

    Please do!

  4. Alex Scott

    Hi guys, just wondering when the results will be posted.

  5. F.C. Mills

    I was curious about that as well.

  6. Brandon

    I don’t know, but hopefully somewhat soon.

  7. Brenton

    Here’s to hoping!

  8. Drake Lacy

    I had fun flexing the old vocal chords.

  9. faith byrd

    There won’t be cussing in this, will it?

  10. Brandon

    No, there will not.

  11. F.C. Mills

    If you’re not going to tell us the final cast, you can at least tell us who you’re considering so they can contact you about the time schedule, right?

  12. GameDemonKing

    Well, there’s a reason that the cast has been kept in the dark because they have to first select 3 of the best choices for a character before judging whom would deserve the role. But as stated here that just because the person doesn’t get selected, it doesn’t mean that your not declined yet. There’s a chance that also you would be selected to voice another character than the one that you auditioned for. Hopefully, things will be announced soon and then we would all be interested on how this fandub will do with this unaired Transformers Energon episode.

  13. Brandon

    Posting our top picks would most likely be disastrous because if somebody is a “favourite” and then doesn’t get a role, it would start a whole lot more drama.

    Again, I apologize for the delay and I hope our deadline isn’t too strict (it would be at least a few weeks).

  14. GameDemonKing

    No worries Brandon and you do raise good points. Besides, rather to do that than to overload the comments on this blog journal.

  15. Brandon

    Hey, the more comments we get, the better. :)

  16. F.C. Mills

    Ah, well. I know that the sord of thing you people do takes a lot of time.

  17. Steven C. Phillips

    I hope I get what I auditioned for. Best of luck to everyone and can’t wait to find out the results!

  18. F.C. Mills

    As do I.

  19. Brandon

    They’re up, fellas!

  20. Kyle DH

    I know that your going to work on dubbing this episode but would you consider dubbing the first few episodes that have Downshift and Cliffjumpers names swapped?

  21. George Deboo

    Will all performances by based on the original cast or maybe their G1 incarnations?

  22. George Deboo

    Hopefully the former is the case.

  23. Brandon


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