First (well, after you’ve scrolled down and look at the names because we all know that’s the first thing you did), we’d like to thank all 33 of you who auditioned for this project. Not all of you can get parts and some of you are getting multiple parts. It’s just the way it works, whether your sound quality wasn’t up to our standards, your acting ability wasn’t up to our standards, there was just somebody we thought was better or maybe the right role wasn’t there. We hope you’ll audition next time and we’ll add you to our audition mailing list (unless you request otherwise) for our next casting call (which won’t be in a week this time!).

Without further ado, here’s the Energon FV cast list!

Alpha Q – Gabriel Jean
Arcee – Cassa Dellinger
Bulkhead – Frank Todaro
Cliffjumper – Kenny McCoy
Demolishor – Gabriel Jean
Downshift – Gabriel Jean
Hot Shot – Praxis678
Ironhide – Hikuro
Jetfire – Derekotsu
Kicker – Derek James
Megatron – Smashems
Mirage – Brenton Eschman
Misha – Cassa Dellinger
Optimus Prime – Kenny McCoy
Rodimus – Andrew Peterson
Scorponok – Frank Todaro
Shockblast – Smashems
Snow Cat – Max Linden
Starscream – Zach Dyer
Wing Saber – Max Linden

UPDATE: Congrats to Derek James for getting the role of Kicker!

Those who were lucky enough to receive roles, congrats! You will be receiving your lines shortly (as in this weekend). We apologize again for the delay in getting this cast list out to you.

Original Voice (as portrayed by Brad Swaile)

Line 1: “That makes no sense. What makes you think Scorponok is coming back?!” (Sort of loud, almost yelling. Put the emphasis on ‘coming.’)

Line 2: “He’s a Decepticon now, haven’t you heard?” (Last part is sarcastic.)

Instructions are here.

22 Responses to “Energon FV Cast List (Updated!)”

  1. Stephen Davidchik

    Challenge Accepted.

  2. Steeljaw

    Woot! Starscream!

  3. F.C. Mills

    Gee, although I didn’t get a part, I feel honored to lose the part of Prime to a living legend like Kenny McCoy

  4. GameDemonKing

    All right, so luckily enough, I was able to send another audition video.

  5. GameDemonKing

    Oh okay, that’s good to hear on when possibly the next casting call will be.

  6. Brandon

    We won’t be doing anything like this for a looooong time.

    Although we have one project in mind but we have to put some our regular episodes out before we do another one-shot project like this. I do have fun doing these mega casting calls though, so hopefully we do it again.

  7. GameDemonKing

    Hey Brandon, I had submitted the audition for Kicker and I’m wondering if I should do a re-take?

  8. Brandon

    Nope, that’s fine.

  9. GameDemonKing

    Any updates yet on whom gotten the final role?

  10. Brandon

    Still open for auditions.

  11. GameDemonKing

    Congrats to Derek for landing the role. But this has been a lot of fun and rest assured that I will keep auditioning in the future.

  12. Drachonus

    Sweet. will the 2 lost filler episodes of Transformers: RiD be on que for later on? also, wasn’t there a Vol. 3 of Robot Masters made? 3 bots had dvd’s.

  13. Brandon

    Well, I’d say we’re overloaded with projects, but that’s never stopped us in the past. But I’m not sure if we’re too interested in doing any clip shows. Had they not dubbed a few of the episodes, we’d absolutely be interested in doing them. We probably would have dubbed them long ago. And as for Robotmasters, I am unaware if they made a third one.

  14. faith byrd

    I can’t wait for this video to come out.

  15. F.C. Mills

    In any case, I prefer ongoing series than limited one-shots, as I get to see more action. The big casting call was fun, though, as I got to try out doing something I’ve always dreamed of!

  16. faith byrd

    Hey when will this be out?

  17. Brandon

    The VAs have to get their stuff in first.

    So in short, I have no idea.

  18. faith byrd

    Frank Tordao is playing Blukhead and Scorponok?

  19. Brandon


  20. Faith Byrd

    Are you about done with this project?

  21. Brandon

    Things are moving a bit, but we are far from finished. Be more patient. :)

  22. Gygamus-Prime

    see the work of spreading Brazilian transfomers G1 Scramble City FV RELOADED subtitled in Portuguese BR


    Prime Gygamus

    autobots! roll out

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