August 9th, 2010 marks the release of the first release in the Transformers Victory FDP series in almost 3 years. The episode is finally out and we hope it is as much worth the wait as possible. Thank you to everyone involved from the cast, crew and of course the viewers! A smaller version of […] proudly gives you the unique opportunity to listen to the full intro of the Japanese intro of Transformers Animated, called “Transformers Evo” made by JAM project.
Get it here! proudly presents a large sound effects archive featuring 202 files from the latest Transformers series, Animated! It contains everything from the Magnus hammer, to Spittor’s attacks in Transwarped and over to Wasp’s stepping and so on..
As two bonuses, you will find a sample of an upcoming SFX archive from Transformers War for Cybertron, and […]

Now you can download a Sound Effects collection from Transformers Masterforce via our SFX section to the left.
Click here to get it, the sounds are encoded in MP3-format and takes up about 1.4 MB of space.
This is just the latest of many additions we’ve made to the site as of late with many more to […]

We’ve just put out the seventh episode of Transformers Victory in new bright video quality, entitled “Combustible Elements!”. Watch it now!
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We’ve just heard via our Facebook group that Dark Heroes Entertainment released their version of the first Headmasters episode. Currently, you can only watch this thing via Youtube, TFCog will host a complete version for your download.
For discussion on this, head over to the TFCog Forums.

Perceptor Casting Call

March 16th, 2010

We’re currently holding auditions for a replacement for Perceptor in Victory. He appears in two more episodes, so it will not be a long-term commitment. This is perhaps the final chance to take part in the Victory Fan Dub Project, with only about seven more episodes remaining and almost no new characters.
For full details on […]

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March 15th, 2010

If you’re a fan of our work or maybe you’ve even lent your voice to our projects, you can now celebrate TFCog’s Fifth Anniversary which is approaching fast. Thanks to Time Lord for setting this up!
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TFCog expands with a new page dedicated to the new upcoming video game called Transformers War for Cybertron. This page will serve as a info page with links to various videos, screens, reviews and other nifty stuff!
You can find it here.

The music archive is updated! Grimbot sent me a huge archive of Background tracks from the first Transformers cartoon. With this, the already rich archive of Transformers music here at TFCog grows even bigger, you won’t find as much G1 BGM anywhere but here.
You can find this archive in the music section […]

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