Scramble City 2 Auditions!

November 22nd, 2008

For any prospective amateur VAs, Scramble City 2 auditions are online now!
Update (12/11/08): Auditions have closed. Thank you!

New Transcripts Added

November 11th, 2008

Just a quick site update… Every single transcript for Robots in Disguise has been uploaded. I’m going to be putting the other series up shortly as well. Who knows, if I have some spare time on my hands, I may even get back into writing more of these up. Enjoy!

TFCog Announces Scramble City 2

November 9th, 2008

In association with animator Denis Pier, TFCog is pleased to announce production on Scramble City 2 – a follow-up to the original Scramble City OAV – has begun. This is an original 3-minute animation in French which TFCog will be dubbing into English.
Auditions for several parts will be up soon so please keep checking this […]

Headmasters UFP Episode 4 Released

September 10th, 2008

Our friends at Adaptations GJ & Fyerspawn Studios have released the fourth installment of the Headmasters UFP “Stereo Ops!” There should be auditions available for the fifth episode this weekend. Feel free to download the episode in large or small size and please feel to comment on the episode here.
Download Large Version – Approx. 167 […]

Yesterday at at TFcon 2008, TFCog, in association with Adaptations GJ, premiered Scramble City FV: Reloaded. We would like to thank TFcon for allowing us the platform to be able to do this. Details on this project are in the news update below. Furthermore, we are preparing to make a major announcement related to Scramble […]

TFCog is proud to announce a revision to one of our earliest projects, Scramble City FV. This new release has been designed to premiere at TFCon 2008 in Toronto on June 21st. Unfortunately, due to the immediacy of the project, we were unable to hold auditions.
Scramble City FV: Reloaded is co-production with AdaptationsGJ (who produced […]

We take great pride in releasing the first episode of the animated version of the comic book The War Within. This project is a co-op between Black Bumblebee Productions and, where we supported with mainly the audio. This is the first of its kind when it comes to fans dubbing a comic book, and […]

Prime Time 3 Teaser Available!

January 11th, 2008

Our good friends at Eyeson Animation have released a teaser trailer for their next stop-motion Prime Time video. To view it, you can check it out on YouTube if you click here. Or, if you so desire you can download it along the previous Prime Time installments at

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